Cool Cubes New Media


Cool Cubes New Media is a new stylish company working together with digital media. Since studying in Montreal and Vancouver, Cool Cubes has a unique perspective from both Eastern and Western Canada.My background in esthetics and make-up artistry has added to my creativity and carried over into my work as a designer. My interests in art, music and film have lead me where I am today.

I am firmly grounded in color theory and color concepts. I know the different elements that goes into the understanding of communication which includes line, shape or form, size, proportion, symmetry or balance, repetition, type and color. And I know how to visually articulate a message using signs, symbols and images which would be created by defining the problem, research and development, conceptualization, design and development, implementation and production.

I have been trained in numerous applications for web design, graphic arts, print, audio and video. I have created several web sites from scratch. I can create web graphics, animated gifs, 3D graphics and 3D animation. I have created several audio/video projects using music and sound effects. I can create the layout and design for magazines, books, reports, posters, albums, packaging and CD/DVD's. I can create personal and corporate branding. My project managing skills help me get the job done.