Paul Klee

Paul Klee has made a huge contribution to the art and design world. Though his style is perhaps hard to pinpoint he has been influenced by the changing times and has in turn been influenced too. He could be abstract or expressionist. There is some overlap with the movements. He uses symbols and signs as metaphors for dreams, primitives or myths and cultural incongruity. He uses gradations of color and value in a rythmic motifs. His mosaics are truly amazing. This is why Klee is an important artist to design. His incorporation of symbols and iconography is a big part of design today. We use symbols and alphabets to symbolize something. Today, we use these images to be represenational. Klee tried not to be representational. And we incorporate these images into logos and branding for identities for people or businesses. Also, most design is based on a grid which Klee used in several paintings. As well, the three geometric shapes: circle, square and triangle are part of good design. Klee played with the geometry of shapes in several of his paintings. Klee's blending of styles make his work unique. Paul Klee's influence has been revisited. He kept diaries and critiques which have become useful to look at this period of history.

Last Years

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