Paul Klee

In the book Painting Music, there are several references made to music and painting. For example he refers to his paintbox as a "keyboard of color" similar to a piano. The sequences of color a term used in the Baroque period leading to Farblichtmusik (music of color and light). For Klee, this meant a virtuoso mastery of the painter's palette. In relation to color Klee was influenced by Van Gogh and Cezanne. This freed him from looking at only the natural world. Another person who had a great influence on Klee was Robert Delaunay. "It is through Delaunay that Klee grasped the full implications of the autonomous use of color. Applied to a fixed structure, color is capable of making it presence unfold in pure sound, without being representational."(p23) "For although he repeatedly employed Delaunay's method of using contrasting colors to create structural features, Klee still saw reference to nature or rather, reality, as the most important prerequisite for abstraction and for the creation of something new." (p25) He also uses objects and forms like a leaf, vase, rectangle and circle. And he uses muscial notation and symbols like stars or lettering to create "fantastical hieroglyphs and a poetic literary element."(p29) "Dreams, poetry, science and music are the stuff of his abstractions, elements which are to be found above all in his painting and teaching from the Bauhaus period." (p32)

After Tunisia

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