Yoga means integration or wholeness. The yogic concept of the working of the body and mind is that there is, in both, a homeostatic mechanism which contributes to balanced, integrating functioning and that each person has an inherent power of adaption. (Homeostasis refers to the maintenance of steady states) Yoga considers the human being as a whole and does not divide you into watertight compartments. It provides ways and means of helping your body and mind to maintain a state of balance, or to regain it quickly if it is disturbed. You may wish to think of yoga as a useful package containing effective stress reduction practises such as gentle stretching, breathing, meditation and relaxation excerises. Yoga is a superb approach to healthy, harmonious living. Yoga differs from other types of exercises in that it engages the whole person. Because it requires awareness during practise, mind and body work together to create physiological and psychological (body-mind) harmony, which in turns leads to optimum potential for healing.

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